Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Well, it's been almost a year since I've posted something that came out from my camera. But unlike Gino who would blame Instagram (which is something that can be found on the interweb), and Lee who would blame goats for repeatedly breaking his camera every full moon, I on the other hand blame only myself for being lazy. 

If you are an avid reader of my blog, which of course you aren't, you would probably know how much I patronize film photography. I still do stand for it, because everything about film photography is absolutely superb. Aside from the fact that if you don't have a dark room of your own and a machine to scan your films (like I do), you will find your self calculating the distance between your home and the film lab every time you want your films to be processed. Once you've done estimating the distance, the time and the money you'd have to spend, you will then find your self saying "well, I think I should wait until I've used up 1,000 films, then I'll go to the lab".

But let's not get bogged down on laziness. Let's start with Sam.

He's not so happy with his new tumbler.

Ah, Antipolo Church and The Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Marie's family attends a mass here once a year so I tagged along. Outside is where you can buy enough cashew nuts to make your whole body itch. 

CJ, wondering why the mouse has the skin of a cow.

Marie, inspecting pots.

Mall of Asia's ferris wheel. Each gondola has its own air conditioning system, which is convenient and will keep the passengers cool when the wheel gets stuck or begins disintegrating all of a sudden. 

Julie, Marie and Wyn.

 Marie and I went for a four day trip to Palawan, and on the first day, we toured the city.

It's like a monster eating a plane.

I did not know our package included a trip to the senate.

On our way to the underground river, I found these dried squids. I was about to taste one, but hesitated because they might still be breathing.

While on queue for a boat, we met two friendly dogs. We fed the other with ice cream and boy, did he liked it.

We were scheduled to go island hopping on our third day.

Marie, fitting some "aqua shoes" which later I found useless.

Ah, this was the part where we were told to swim to the other side of the boat station. I'm sorry, we paid for the boat yet they wanted us to swim?

We then reached the island were we stayed until after lunch time. I've forgotten what it's called, but I haven't forgotten how stunning it was.

Next stop is what they call Starfish Island where we found, uh, starfish.

Let me end this post with photos of my very lovely niece, Casidy. 

Isn't she the cutest thing?