Monday, March 21, 2011

Heavier things

For all intents and purposes, these pictures were taken to help me get over from the loss of my iPod. And they did.

First, a few random shots of kindness before my iPod got stolen.


someone walking down the street

and stylish rubber bands.

We decided to go to Intramuros to take some pictures. It was my first visit to the place built by Spaniards in the 16th century. My good friends who shares their sentiments over my lost iPod where with me, Lee, who was already alive when the place was built. And Sam, who is fat. 

Gino decided to help by not coming.

I still had a roll of color film in my fm2 when we got there.

This cat was fast, it tried to run when I pressed the shutter.



Peeping Lee

There was a wedding ceremony being held at San Agustin church, too bad I'm not confident shooting in low light.

On the way to Manila Cathedral, there's an empty lot where skaters, uh, skate. Cool place. It however reminder me of Jegrameel.

Manila Cathedral 

Look at this fat bloke.

Guardia Civil and motorcycle, we actually saw one riding a Wave 125. Awesome.

Trigger happy Sam insisted we go to Mall of Asia sea side for the sunset that afternoon.

Lee with his hot dog.

Girl and her mom having a bite on a sweetcorn. I think this would be my best frame.

And there we had the sunset.

Marie said there were still places in Intramuros where we hadn't been to, so with that in mind, I'll be back there very soon. Many thanks to Gino for the scans, if you wish to have your monochrome films scanned, email him at