Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stirring in my soul

My camera does have a mind of it's own. It's shutter blades lock up when I want to photograph something really nice, but then would work fine when I accidentally press the shutter button. It is very annoying, like the time when I wanted to take a photo of someone being eaten by a dog. I was so annoyed that now, whenever I see a dog, I just wish it would try to eat Lee, or Jaymee, or Justin Bieber. Specially Justin Bieber.

Maybe this is a way of my camera telling me to use it more often. For months, I haven't been on the streets that much. And if I were, there's nothing that interests me. Whenever I try to take a portrait of someone on the streets, they tend to make gang and peace signs with their hands when they see a camera. I love peace, don't get me wrong. But I bet it would be better to take pictures on the streets where no one really cares if you have a huge camera, if you are blind, mad, or a giraffe.

Yesterday I had three rolls of film developed and scanned. Here I am posting two of them.

And so last month my family went to Subic.

Matmat, the fish.

Kate with her instax, cool camera this is. And Jaymee the photo bomber.  

Patrick and Squidward.

Momon the fruit ninja.

Marie and I went to MMLDC in Antipolo to see their aviary. We were surprised not by the birds but by the food they served.

Parrots, they greeted us with "hello" then asked questions like "kamusta ka?" and "kumainka na?" 

Marie at Starbucks Intramuros

I still have a roll of black and white film, but it is still being rescanned as of the moment. The people at Fujifilm Alphaland had them scanned wrong. Which is also annoying. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011

Right. The 2010 - 2011 NBA season just ended, so now I have all the time in the world to focus on my blog. And I made a list of blogs that oftentimes gets my attention.

1. - (Jhong Medina) What better time to than 150th year of our national hero
2. – (Leira Bhagwani Pagaspas) Not a gossip blog but bits and pieces of people in the limelight.
3. (Page San Juan) As the link implies, fashion clothing for women.
4. – (Carmela Tanaquin) Shy girl’s debut.
5. – (Sire Arevalo) Shameless plug, but this baby is more personal than my and shows a different facet of myself. 
6. – (Jonel Uy) Last year, I voted for and still Sir Jonel is part of my list this year!!!
7. – (Carl Valenzon) If we say vegetarian, it's Carl!
8. – (Mhel) Influencing people to go back to their kitchens and whip up homemade dishes.
9. – (JayL Aquino) Anything under the sun of an event goer.
10. – (Mark Joseph Delgado) Guide for Sleek Folks for the Best of Manila + Beyond.

And there you have it! Chow!