Saturday, December 3, 2011

Edge of desire

I'll be honest, this isn't my best set. I expected something, let's say "better". But they're still satisfying (in my mind). Now it kind of makes me want to go out on the streets again. 

Our good friends Salgee and Candice will tie the knot later this month, and I thought that it will be my first time to shoot a wedding on film. But to make matters worse, Salgee made me part of his entourage, so thinking of it, it's kind of difficult to take good photos of them while also walking down the isle. 


This kid was jumping around a restaurant. She liked being photographed, too bad I suck shooting at low light.

These photos were from the last time we went to Intramuros months ago. It made me think I haven't been taking photos very much lately.

Tito Fred


Shannen with baby Pia


Ralph and Derick



Kuya Paeng and baby Pia

Courage, eating something.

Sam and I went to UP to see their observatory. We were supposed to be there earlier that afternoon because I wanted to take photos of the streets of UP, but Sam was late, as usual, and always will be, as we all know, until the end of the world.

And because I suck shooting at low light, this was the only good photo I have of UP.

Our purpose was to try our camera's bulb mode. Again, I had expected results better than the two photos below. My settings were f1.4, 50mm fixed lens, and the shutters were open for 60 and 90 seconds. So if you have suggestions and tips on how to do this right, please let me know. Else I will cut Sam's leg off and beat him to death with it. 

The people at the observatory were nice to us and the other visitors as well. They have 2 telescopes which gave us a good look at Jupiter and it's faint narrow rings, a first for me, since I've only seen Jupiter and the other planets on  the internet and encyclopedias. 

They also have this 500mm zoom lens and they let us use it to have a better shot at the moon and stars. Unfortunately, those photos are not ready yet. So in the end, it was a good thing we went to UP. We plan to come back here soon. 

The end.