Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine

As you may know, I have always loved Digital SLRs, in much the same way that I have always loved Samuel Phi, Kobe Bryant, dengue, Gloria Arroyo, Mike Arroyo, cockroaches, metro buses, Philippine politics, flood, jejemons, Ateneo Blue Eagles, climate change, Rajon Rondo, open wounds, SLEX toll fee, rallyists, the smell of Jovan Musk, girls carrying chihuahuas and, ultimately, the feel of a cat's tongue.

In other words, I have always rather disliked Digital SLRs. So here I am, posting photos I took over the weeks using my FM2 and an F2 which I borrowed from my good friend, Machu.

Makati underpass

I told Sam I wanted to take photos in Baclaran, but he insisted he wants to visit Manila Zoo and take pictures of the goat's testicles. I told him how mad he was to say such things, and convinced him to go to Baclaran.

Since my work required me to go to Baguio City, I grabbed the opportunity to take photos with as little time as possible.

With Sam endlessly begging to me to come with him at Manila Zoo, we visited the place a couple of weeks ago. Prior to this, I've read some news about how the zoo was badly keeping the animals, so I didn't expect anything good until we got to the place.
This elephant, named Mali, greeted us first. It was lonely and was looking sick. 

Some places in the zoo looked good though, not all animals were looking sick. It was actually a surprise that there were still a lot of people visiting here. When I saw where they kept the tigers, I felt a sudden urge to push Sam down into the pit, he would be a very heavy meal for the poor, little kitties.

So I end this post with an Anbu at Rizal park.