Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet superstitions

A couple of weeks ago, Sam, who is fat, insisted we go to Rizal Park to take pictures. I said no. I was adamant, there's no way we would take pictures there. I told him "this is my line in the sand, I WILL NOT GO".

Here it is, Rizal Park. These guys won't do wacky pose. 

Birds, reminded me of Salgee.

Cat, Sam fell in love with it, he used 8 frames for this cat.

We then decided to visit Pambansang Museo, but sadly they do not allow cameras inside, "specially professional camera" as the receptionist told me. We still went in , since that was my first visit at the National Museum.

Then we went to Ocean Park which was just a few minutes away from Rizal Park. They have a nice view of Manila bay at their mall.

We then met up with Lee and Wendy for a walk along Roxas Blvd. Switched to Fujifilm Superia because I wanted a photo of the sunset in colour, but I don't know if it's just me or this is not a very good film.

There were people fishing that afternoon, though I did not see any of them catch a fish. But it would be fun to try fishing, I'll use Lee as bait, I'm sure sharks would love him.

Yes, this is weird.

 After a long walk, we had dinner at Harbor Square and called it a day after tossing Sam into the sea.