Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop this train

This morning, I saw a dog crossing a highway. I was amazed because it looked to it's left and right before it walked forward. Usually, I would get nervous watching the dog run for it's life while crossing, but I wasn't. This dog was composed, even if it wasn't using a pedestrian lane. I bet that if it was Lee crossing the highway, he would have been killed immediately.

I'll start with photos from when Zang invited us for dinner at her place in Taguig months ago. I went out for a walk the morning after and took some photos. I'm glad I did that.

Franco and Pau, dead. Dead-tired I meant.


JC and Marie. This was before JC left for Singapore.

A computer shop in Alphaland mall, creepy. 

Marie's birthday. We had a simple dinner at Hap Tian.

 Ate Joy and Marie

Wendy, Lee, Sam and I went to UST one Saturday. Gino said he would join us, but got scared when he heard about an incoming tropical storm, which never happened. Hence, he was a no show. Thank you Wendy, for making this happen!

Lee playing songs about Hitler.

The fat Sam, reloading his F2.

Sam and I wanted to take pictures inside the buildings, but we weren't allowed inside of them anymore. Luckily, the guard on duty was slacking so went straight inside UST's main building unnoticed. It was also the first day of sembreak so the hallways were empty.

I had to switch to color since I ran out of monochrome film. I wasn't expecting to be inside here again so I didn't bring extra films with me.

 Daufuq is this?

Dafuq is that?

I wish I had more film and more time that day. But I would gladly come back for more of this nostalgia.