Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Though I'm not colorblind

Finally tried shooting in black and white. Four rolls of film and these are the results. Must say I find it difficult to shoot with this film and I'm still getting used to it. Mathew and Gino made it look like it was easy. Those bastards.

First roll was in Quiapo, I used Lucky film brand, didn't like the film but had some shots that I'm quite satisfied with.

Street vendor

Then with Marie and her nephews. These two were the only photos that looked good out of many that I took.

Switched to Neopan 400 from then on, thanks to Machu. Quite a film, this one.

Banchetto, Emerald Ave

Salbee and Master Machu Wong, still at Banchetto

Marie at Starbucks Rob Galleria

Aunt Grace and Egay


Lee's FM3, taken by Lee himself

Janice, taken by Marie

Bus terminal on our way to Clark for the Hot Air Balloon fest. Click here to see my pictures of the festival.

This one was taken by Sam, so were the next 5 photos.

Sam has a thing for comfort rooms, I think they're his second home.

Wendy and Marie at the Hot Air Balloon fest

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Went to the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark with Marie and my friends. Despite leaving Manila at 4am, we were still late, thanks to the long line at the ticket booth. Nevertheless, we still had an hour of hot air balloon show. One fun day, this was.

Upside down

Since we're late, most of the balloons were landing already.

One up

Abominable Snowman on it's way up

Abominable Snowman

Wendy and Lee


The balloons were up only until 7am,  but the event lasted the whole day so we stayed for a while. We watched a car drifting on the runway, which was actually crappy. Kite flying was nice too, though we didn't fly one, hundreds of people did, and it was nice to watch them get their kites tangled with others. Too bad I haven't got a photo of a single kite up in there.



Beep beep


Chloe and Jem

Wendy, Chloe and Marie

They had souvenir shops so we got this miniature hot air balloon 

I enjoyed taking photos of kids around the place, and it was fun watching them gaze upon those flying objects.  I hope to come back here next year!