Monday, September 26, 2011

And it goes like this

It's been a while since my colleagues and I had a proper shoot. The last time we went out, it rained hard. And we all blame it on Lee's mole, and the fact that he is now happy because he got his 1.4 lens back.

As I have proven this past few months, my camera develops a tantrum whenever it is not used for some time. It just sits there inside a camera bag, waiting to be used. Thinking it just feels uncomfortable in the bag, I even tried buying a new box for it. This, of course, is stupid and did not work.

One good thing about not using my camera for a while though, is when the day comes that I know for sure that I will use it, there is this excitement whenever I unlock the shutter release button. It gives me this flustering sensation, as if someone just gave me permission to set fire to Samuel Phi. Then I rub my hands like the villains in cartoon shows and laugh "mwahahaha bwahahaha".

And yes, when you press the shutter button, the shutter sound is just the best sound in the world at that moment. Really, the only sound I can think of which is better than it, is Gino being eaten by bears.

 Speaking of Gino.

We went to Fort Santiago inside Intramuros. This was my last shoot with my friends when the rain fell hard.

  A cat sniffing it's own.. something.

 Wendy, Lee and Gino in a tram, waiting for the rain to stop.

Sam, also waiting inside the tram.


Mr. Pogi 2011, Gino Quetua.

Our friend Arrabelle got back from Canada after 2 years of staying there. I knew her while she was still abroad, so this was actually the first time we met in person. Too bad she wasn't here for long, but I hope you had fun here, Belle!

Neth, Marie, Mitch and Belle.



My cousin, Jaymee, is regarded as the most handsome of the Espinosa cousins. (Which of course is a ridiculous notion)

 Tita Nora, surprised and teary eyed after knowing she was to be married again.

And Tito Fred, as she kisses the bride.

Zang, who also came back from Canada invited us for a dinner at Italianni's. There I met Maya and Gina. It is always fun being around people whom you haven't seen in a while, which always shows on Marie's face whenever she's with these guys. I was a bit sad though, Zang forgot to bring me a wolf.

 Maya and Wyn with Marie.

Marie, Gina and Zang.

My Dad was hospitalized for a few days. But all is well now.

 Here he was talking to his doctor.

This one's my favorite.

Zang again invited us to her place, days before she would fly back to Canada.

Zang and her boyfriend.

As you may notice, these are all colored photos. I still have plenty of monochrome shots loaded to the F2, but I'll have it developed and scanned once I've used all 36 shots. That's it for now. Thank you for reading!