Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I got half a smile and zero shame

Yes, these photos were taken last year, and yes, Lee is at long last, now employed. I am not going to tell you that Lee cried in front of me when he heard some company signed him, and that he secretly whitens his teeth. Even though I just did.

Lego snow man

Gino went to Korea for a short vacation. When he came back, he gave us these long chocolate-coated-sticks. He said these could only be found in Korea. While I was eating it though, pretzel never came into my mind.

Marie and Santa having coffee

Melo and CJ tied to a post and were being scolded

News paper art

Salgee and Candice got married last December. As good friends of the now Mr. and Mrs. Sumulong, we were all there. Except for Sam who was dreaming while the wedding  was going on. Though I must say, I have never seen a groom laugh his way throughout the wedding. I was actually surprised that the priest  didn't hit Salgee with the microphone.

I let Sid take shots with my camera during the wedding. Unfortunately, he only knew two light settings, 'dark' and 'black', and to make matters worse, he took  pictures from the other end of the church. Thank you, Sid. Still I managed to take some photos that I'm, quite satisfied with.



And the other love birds, Gino and Lee.

This one was taken by Lee.