Monday, May 7, 2012

Cartoon heart

Gino once told me that he would only date girls who are: (1) slightly terrifying, and (2) are on Tuesdays, left handed. I asked him why but he  kept on insisting that he would not go out with a girl who is pleasing  and is right handed on a Monday. Whatever. This then brings me to Lee who swore he would not, in his life, date a person with breasts. This is because he once went out with someone who had breasts and later found out that it was actually a man.

Casidy, my niece.

This is Gumpert. One day he just decided he wants to stay at my grandfather's house. He is a cat.

Diche and Mods.

Marie and her Dad.

Marie next to an Aventador we spotted at NLEX. She did not want to scratch it so she kept her distance.

Lee invited us for a go kart ride and an overnight stay at his place in Tarlac.

Gino, the kitchen boy.

"..bald headed woman, bald headed woman to me.." - Sam

Sam, waiting for a tricycle in which he would fit in.

Some photos from this year's Holy Week.


And a  few photos from my siblings' graduation ceremony.

That is it for now. Thank you for viewing!

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